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Dear Patrons,


GASD Membership has many benefits - participation in members-only events, free-to-members events, discounted tickets, and the satisfaction of belonging to the community.  While the costs of hosting events have gone up significantly, we are pleased to announce that the membership rates for 2024 will remain the same as the past several years. There are key differences, however, in the membership structure. Please read the details. Key highlights include:

  • Food exclusion – GASD will not serve food at any event, however, members present at the event will be given a $5 coupon that can be used towards food purchase from the vendors at Kite-flying and Holi events. 

  • Limited free-entry events – Kite-flying, Holi, and Medo remain free-entry events for 2024. Members will be required to purchase discounted tickets for all other events (including Garba at $5 per person).


Membership benefits include:

  • Free entry to Kite-flying, Holi, and Medo

  • Food discount coupon at select events

  • Below cost, deeply discounted entry to Garba and Diwali

  • Discounted entry to other events

  • Priority over non-members at select events

  • Savings of over $160 compared to non-member prices for families

  • Feeling of inclusion in the Gujarati community, priceless!

Two tiers of membership are available that provide flexibility for your family and help maximize the benefit to you and the community. None of the memberships include food. Food may be available for purchase at the venue. Membership includes free entry to Kite-Flying and Holi events only. All other events, including Garba, will require a discounted member ticket.


1.   Family Membership - a revised definition provides membership benefits to you, your spouse, and unmarried children under the age of 25 years for $90. This tier also allows you the option to add one or more parents living with you to the Family Membership for a nominal $15 per parent. 

2.   Single & Couple Membership - a new tier of membership for singles and couples. An adult and their spouse can obtain member benefits at a lower cost of $60. Kids aged 2 years and under are included in this tier. This tier allows you the option to add one or more parents living with you to the membership for a nominal $15 per parent. 


Streamlining membership through this change allows GASD to serve our community better. GASD strives to improve the services it provides to the community and looks forward to your continued patronage.


Please note:

  • Membership is annual and ends on December 31 of the year membership was purchased.

  • Once purchased, changes cannot be made (cannot change the type of membership or add parents later).

  • There are no prorated charges for the annual membership irrespective of when you join during the year. 

  • Membership is NOT REFUNDABLE under any circumstances.

  • Membership will be closed on August 31st.

  • Membership is available for purchase online only.

  • GASD reserves the right to ask for a valid identification when providing membership benefits at any event. 

  • While GASD strives to bring new events and continue the traditional events, events may not be possible or may have to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. 

If you choose not to become a member, event-specific non-member tickets may be available for purchase for events open to non-members.

By proceeding, you agree that you have read and agree to the terms above.

Once the membership payment is processed, you will receive an email with order information. Please save it as a record of your membership.

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